Customer relationship management

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a process in which a business or other organization administers its interactions with customers, typically using data analysis to study large amounts of information. CRM is a tool for managing all of your company’s customer and potential customer relationships and interactions.Tanish Analytics objective is straightforward: to improve commercial relationships. A customer relationship management system (CRM) aids businesses in staying in touch with customers, streamlining procedures, and increasing profits.

  • CRM capability that is aligned with your company processes.
  • Significant automation reduces your employees’ manual labour.
  • Data that is centralised and easily accessible.
  • Analytical tools for customers.

Custom CRM Development

Customer relationship management (CRM) systems are used to collect, organise, and analyse data from all customer interactions across numerous channels in order to tailor the customer experience, strengthen customer relationships, and increase corporate efficiency.

Possibility for a custom CRM

Tanish Analytics CRM development services provide the following features:-

  • Platform-based solutions that are customized.
  • Completely unique CRM solution created from the initial concept.

CRM Functionality to Build

Customer engagement and marketing

Personalized client communication is possible across multiple touchpoints.

  • Segmentation of customers.
  • The use of email marketing.
  • Email and landing page design with no coding.
  • Create your own customer journey.
  • Marketing on social media.
Service to customers

Contributes to customer satisfaction and loyalty by assisting in the quick settlement of client issues.

  • Case management with many channels.
  • Multiple communication channels are used to intelligently route cases.
  • A knowledge base with items that are valuable.

Eight benefits were identified as value drivers

  1. Improved ability to identify and target profitable consumers.
  2. Integrated assistance across channels.
  3. Enhanced sales force efficiency and effectiveness.
  4. Improved pricing.
  5. Customized products and services.
  6. Improved customer service efficiency and effectiveness.
  7. Individualized marketing messages are also called campaigns.
  8. Connect customers and all channels on a single platform.

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