Hospital ERP - Some Features that make Us Proud

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Admin can handle the floor, room, ward, bed, bed type, and bed manager in bed management.

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The administrator can manage all types of medical tests in medical test management. The patient's test is given by the doctor, and this feature generates some tests for the patient.

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Employee salaries, wages, bonuses, net pay, and deductions can all be managed using the payroll module.

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Admins can track their employees' attendance in a variety of methods, including present, late with an excuse, late, and absent.

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In the user management system, Every type of user, such as a doctor, patient, accountant, employee, pharmacist, receptionist, biller, pathologist, radiologist, and so on, can be managed by the administrator.

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Admins can control their item supplier, item, item check-in, and checkout, among other things, using the inventory module.

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Pharmacists can handle pharmaceutical purchasing, sale, stock, and damage and expiration in pharmacy management.

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The administrator can view a list of blood donors and available or stockout blood, purchase blood, or hire a blood donor in blood management.

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These reports allow administrators to readily view attendance, appointments, admissions, bed information, medications, payroll, operation theatre, income, and expense.


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