Multivendor Food Delivery Apps

a multi-restaurant food-delivery system made up of six modules: three mobile apps, two web panels, one website, and one landing page. It is an on-demand food delivery.
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Business Settings can help you set up your business in the way that you desire.

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Multi Vendor Android and iOS App for booking service, on-demand service app, and selling products like ecommerce apps.

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Users can also buy products while booking services or can iso latedly buy the products.

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Business Settings can assist you in establishing your company in the manner that you desire. You'll have a lot of options for customizing your business.

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Number of payment gateways built-in. All of them are well-known, and you may get started right away.

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Users can see nearby services from their location. Can see the price of services in fixed and hourly cost. Last Deep Cleans From the category of service


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