Custom ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Software Development

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is used by businesses in a wide range of industries. There are some types of businesses that profit more from ERP. ERP is a type of business management software—typically a set of integrated applications—that allows a company to gather, store, manage, and understand data from a variety of business processes. ERP systems can be on-premises or in the cloud. The availability of information from any location with internet connection has fueled the growth of cloud-based apps in recent years.

Custom ERP Software Development Company

The following are some major trends that indicate whether it's time for a company to deploy or upgrade its ERP system:

  • Growth periods: The company is expanding, has grown, or plans to grow greatly.
  • Old legacy methods: The organization’s present system is either antiquated and not upgradeable,or it no longer adequately supports the business and users.
  • Acquisitions or mergers:For example, the parent company must streamline systems across all subsidiaries.
  • Operational issues: The company need enterprise software to effectively manage procedures.

The goal of custom ERP software development is to create a scalable, business-specific system that integrates all management tasks and allows for data-driven decision-making. Tanish Analytics, a company with a decade of experience in enterprise software development, provides end-to-end ERP development and support to assist you gain deep visibility into your business processes, streamline information flows, and reduce expenses.

ERP Modules

Tanish Analytics design the following ERP modules to automate and improve the efficiency of your workflows, depending on your business objectives and budget:-
  • Human resources :- Recruitment and onboarding to payments, participation, training, and employee request management, HR policy management , and personnel management are essential.
  • Sales and marketing:- Customer order management can be automated, data-driven marketing campaigns can be planned, customers can be communicated with, and sales dynamics may be seen.
  • Finance and accounting:-  Accounts payable and receivable tracking, general ledger administration, and billing automation are all examples of financial planning and analysis.
  • Production management:- Production planning, scheduling, and control are all important aspects of production. Sub-modules for product lifecycle management and quality assurance may be included.
  • Project management:-Tools for project planning and management, work assignment and tracking, and team collaboration.
  • Supply chain management:- Inventory management and control, supplier relationships, supply chain automation are all areas where automation can help.
  • Knowledge management:-Knowledge sharing and collaboration tools, as well as a centralized knowledge library with a strong search engine and automated knowledge categorization.
  • Document management:- Document templates, easy document navigation and collaboration, and centralized storage of numerous document kinds.
  • Data analytics and BI:- Every company department’s performance may be monitored, measured, and optimized with comprehensive data analysis and visualisation features.
  • Chatbots and virtual assistants for users:- Chatbots aid users in navigating ERP (for example, for employee onboarding ), whereas virtual assistants can automate company-specific routine tasks.

ERP Projects at Tanish Analytics

We develop enterprise resource planning software for a variety of businesses:-

  • Education
  • Information Technology
  • Healthcare
  • Professional Services
  • Retail and Ecommerce
  • Finance

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