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Tanish Analytics POS Solution

Experience business transformation with the “Tanish Analytics POS Solution.” Our comprehensive point-of-sale system, accessible through the Admin panel, POS Website, and POS App, empowers you to manage products, suppliers, customers, and POS operations with ease. Our mobile app and Web POS interface provide flexibility and convenience in handling all facets of your business. Simplify invoicing, manage products effortlessly with barcode functionality, and access order and transaction history for insightful decision-making. Enhance financial management, stay updated with stock levels through our stock-out alert system, and nurture customer relationships with robust customer management. Optimize supplier interactions with efficient supplier management and drive sales with coupon management. Our multi-language support ensures accessibility to diverse markets, while the dynamic dashboard offers real-time insights. Streamline your sales process with our user-friendly system. Choose the Tanish Analytics POS Solution for a more efficient, productive, and profitable business operation.

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Admin Panel

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Top Features:

Product Management

Our feature-rich product management empowers you to effortlessly categorize, sub-categorize, and establish brands, while our barcode generator simplifies tracking, optimizing inventory management for seamless operations.

Order and Transaction

Gain financial insights by meticulously overseeing accounts, transactions, incomes, and expenses. This comprehensive view aids in making informed financial decisions, fostering sustainable growth.

Financial Management

Our robust financial management tools provide deep insights into your financial health. Track expenses, incomes, and profits with precision, helping you navigate the complexities of fiscal management effectively.

Advanced Sales System

Experience a sales revolution with our advanced system. It facilitates the management of purchases, and the integration of a barcode scanner ensures swift and accurate billing, elevating the customer experience.

Supplier Management

Simplify supplier interactions through our efficient management system. Streamline communication and transactions, optimizing your supply chain for maximum operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

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