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Recruit CRM


Recruit CRM

Automate your hiring routine and make recruiting fast and easy. Hiring the right talent is no more difficult for staffing agencies, as effective applicant tracking gets easy with Tanish Analytics Recruit CRM. Easily manage applicant data, organize, categorize and shortlist candidates in much less time than your competitors

Empower Your Hiring Journey with our Recruit CRM

Top Features:

Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Revolutionize your recruitment process with our cutting-edge ATS. Effortlessly manage candidates, streamline interview scheduling, and track their journey seamlessly. Enhance collaboration among your team members, making informed decisions with comprehensive candidate profiles, all within an intuitive platform.

Job Board Posting

Expand your hiring horizons effortlessly by effortlessly posting job listings to a multitude of job boards. Our platform automates job distribution, ensuring your job openings receive extensive visibility, attracting top-tier talent from diverse sources for a comprehensive and well-rounded candidate pool.

CRM Integration

Cultivate stronger and more personalized candidate relationships through seamless CRM integration. Converge candidate interactions, communication logs, and touchpoints onto a single, centralized platform. This integration fosters effective engagement, efficient communication, and an enhanced overall candidate experience.

Analytics and Reporting

Make precision-guided decisions with our comprehensive analytics and reporting tools. Monitor key recruitment metrics, track hiring performance, and uncover actionable insights. Our robust reporting tools empower you to fine-tune your hiring strategies, optimize processes, and achieve superior hiring outcomes.

Resume/CV Parsing

Simplify data extraction from resumes and CVs with our state-of-the-art parsing technology. Candidate profiles are populated accurately, significantly reducing the need for manual data entry and maintaining consistent, error-free candidate records for streamlined talent management.

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