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Digital Wallet Mobile Application


Tanish Analytics' Digital Wallet Mobile Application

Welcome to the future of finance with Tanish Analytics’ “Digital Wallet mobile application.” This innovative solution redefines financial management, offering a secure and user-friendly platform for all your digital transactions. With a robust feature set that includes secure money transfers, cash withdrawals, payment requests, easy fund loading, diverse transaction options, a QR code scanner for swift payments, a dynamic theme selection, and support for multiple payment gateways, our Digital Wallet app ensures a seamless and efficient financial experience. Trust in our commitment to security and convenience as you navigate the world of modern finance with ease.

Your Financial Freedom, Right in Your Pocket


Customer App:

Your Digital Finance Hub.


Agent App

Manage Finances with Confidence.


Admin Panel

Control, Insights, and Efficiency

Top Features:

Versatile Transaction Options

Experience a multitude of transaction possibilities with our Digital Wallet. Whether it's adding funds, sending money, cashing out, or requesting money, our system handles it all seamlessly via both the Customer and Agent apps.

Multi-Account Management

Our revamped Account Section in the admin panel empowers you to create and manage numerous accounts for customers and agents. With the flexibility to add an unlimited number of accounts, efficiently oversee them all from the admin panel.

Effortless SMS Verification

Benefit from our integrated SMS Gateways, a selection of trusted options to verify your customers effectively and securely.

Simplified Money Transfers

TA Digi Wallet admin panel boasts multiple Money Transfer systems for both customers and agents. This streamlined process ensures quick and hassle-free fund transfers facilitated through the admin panel.

Comprehensive Transaction Insights

The Transaction Reporting Desk consolidates all transaction reports, providing a comprehensive view of admin, customer, and agent transactions.

Personalized Theme Selection

Tailor your experience with the Dynamic Theme Selection feature, allowing you to choose a theme that suits your preferences within the Customer app.

Swift QR Code Scanning

The TA Digi Wallet QR code scanner enhances the speed and security of transactions, enabling seamless money transfers, cash-outs, and payment requests within the Customer app. Additionally, the Agent app ensures secure Send Money transactions.

Empowering Marketing Control

Harness the capabilities of the TA Digi Wallet Admin panel to take charge of your marketing efforts. From campaigns and banners to coupons and push notifications, our feature-rich admin panel propels your business towards rapid growth.

Effortless Money Requests

In the Request Money section, TA Digi Wallet customers can effortlessly send and receive unlimited money requests. Swiftly accept, deny, or place requests on hold. Agents can also send money requests to the admin, allowing for easy approval, denial, or pending status management.

Tailored Business Configuration

Utilize Business Settings to personalize your business according to your unique preferences, with a plethora of configuration options to make your venture stand out.

Comprehensive User App

Access the complete TA Digi Wallet mobile app source code, developed using Flutter for compatibility with both Android and iOS platforms, ensuring a wide user reach.

Versatile Payment Gateways

Our application offers a variety of integrated payment gateways, all well-established and popular, providing you with the opportunity to kickstart your business promptly.

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