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Multivendor E-Commerce Web and Mobile Application


Tanish Multivendor E-Commerce website mobile application

Tanish Multivendor E-Commerce website and mobile application serve as a comprehensive platform for all your shopping requirements. With a wide variety of products ranging from digital goods, fashion items, sports equipment, home and living essentials, health and beauty products, to medicine and healthcare supplies, we strive to offer a convenient one-stop-shop experience. By utilizing our Multivendor E-Commerce Web and Mobile Application, you can access various product categories and enjoy a professional online shopping experience.

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Admin Panel

Command Center for Efficient Management.


Seller Panel

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User App

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Seller App

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Deliveryman App

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Top Features:

Bulk Order

Simplify high-volume transactions with our Bulk Order feature. Whether it's a corporate order or a festive sale, vendors can efficiently upload and manage large quantities of products. This streamlines processing, reduces manual effort, and ensures a smooth experience for both customers and vendors, making large-scale operations effortless.

Product & Order Management

Empower vendors with robust tools to manage their products and orders effectively. From listing new products to tracking inventory and fulfilling orders, our platform offers intuitive interfaces that enhance vendor efficiency. Stay on top of sales, manage stock levels, and streamline the order fulfillment process with ease.

Login With Social Media & OTP

Enhance user experience and security with Social Media and OTP login options. Customers can effortlessly log in using their preferred social media accounts or receive secure OTPs for authentication. This not only simplifies the registration process but also ensures the safety of their personal information, building trust and convenience.

Product Page URL & SEO Elements for Products

Enhance product visibility with customizable URLs and SEO elements. Our platform allows vendors to optimize product pages for search engines, making it easier for potential customers to find their products. Craft descriptive URLs, meta titles, and descriptions to improve organic search ranking and attract more organic traffic, increasing exposure and sales.

Integrated Payment Gateway

Facilitate seamless and secure transactions with our integrated Payment Gateway. Customers can choose from a variety of payment options, enhancing their shopping experience. This feature ensures that payments are processed smoothly, boosting customer trust and vendor satisfaction while reducing cart abandonment rates.

Marketing Section

Boost sales and promote products effectively using the built-in Marketing Section. Vendors can showcase featured products, highlight discounts, and share special offers to attract more customers. With eye-catching banners and strategically placed promotional content, vendors can drive attention to their products and increase conversions.

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