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Multi Restaurant- On-demand Food Delivery Mobile App


Multi Restaurant- On-demand Food Delivery Mobile App

Introducing Tanish Analytics Multi Restaurant- On-demand Food Delivery mobile application, a comprehensive solution for all your dining needs. This highly efficient app is designed to bring convenience and efficiency to the world of food delivery. With a wide range of top features, it is the ultimate tool for both customers and businesses in the food industry.

Delivering Deliciousness at Your Fingertips


Customer App

Seamless Ordering for Hungry Customers


Restaurant App

Efficient Kitchen Management Solutions


Deliveryman App

Optimized Routes for Quick Deliveries


Admin Panel

Centralized Control and Analytics Hub

Top Features:

Accurate Business Zone Map

One of the standout features of this app is the Accurate Business Zone Map, which ensures that customers can easily locate restaurants within their desired area. This eliminates any confusion and saves valuable time for both parties involved.

Restaurants Management

The Restaurants Management feature allows restaurant owners to effectively manage their menus, pricing, and availability. This ensures that customers receive accurate and up-to-date information when placing their orders, leading to a seamless and satisfying experience.

OTP integration through SMS

To enhance security and streamline the ordering process, the OTP integration through SMS feature adds an extra layer of authentication. This assures customers that their transactions are safe and protected, giving them peace of mind.

Advanced Order Management

Efficiently handle and track orders, ensuring seamless communication between restaurants, customers, and delivery drivers.

Apps for Delivery Men

Empower delivery personnel with user-friendly mobile apps, enabling them to easily manage orders and streamline the delivery process.

Food Management

Food Management is another crucial aspect of this app. It provides a user-friendly platform for restaurants to manage their inventory, track ingredient availability, and update their menus accordingly. This reduces the chances of disappointment due to unavailability and ensures that customers receive their desired dishes every time.

Statistics and Reporting

Access detailed insights and reports on order volume, customer preferences, and performance, aiding in strategic decision-making and business growth.

Management of Dispatch

Effectively assign and track delivery drivers, optimizing route planning and ensuring timely food delivery.

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