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Urban Service Marketplace


Urban Service Marketplace

Introducing the Multi-Vendor Urban Service Marketplace and Service Finder by Tanish Analytics, a comprehensive solution for all your service needs. With this platform, you’ll be able to connect with trusted and reliable service providers in your local area and get your tasks and chores completed with ease. The platform is loaded with innovative features such as location-based search, multi-vendor support, real-time booking, and secure payment options to ensure convenience, reliability, and safety. Whether you need a plumber, cleaner, electrician, or any other service, our marketplace connects you with the right professionals quickly and efficiently.

Urban Services Solutions: Connect, Discover, Thrive


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Top Features:

Buyer & Seller Registration

Experience a hassle-free registration process for both buyers and sellers. Our platform ensures a seamless onboarding experience, enabling sellers to effortlessly list their services while buyers gain access to a diverse range of service providers, fostering a thriving and interconnected service ecosystem.

Listing Your Store/Services

Empower sellers to showcase their offerings effectively. Detailed listings, striking visuals, and comprehensive descriptions captivate potential buyers, maximizing exposure and enhancing the service discovery experience. Present your services professionally and attractively to stand out in the competitive landscape.

Service by Location

Simplify service discovery with location-based search functionality. With our advanced geo-tagging feature, users can effortlessly find services within their vicinity, ensuring convenience, relevance, and fostering stronger local service connections.

Schedule Base Order System

Enhance user convenience with our flexible scheduling system. Buyers can seamlessly book services at their preferred time slots, empowering both buyers and sellers to optimize their schedules and ensuring a smooth service delivery process.

Order Invoice System

Promote transparent transactions with our integrated order invoice system. Generate accurate invoices for services rendered, creating a clear and reliable record of transactions for both buyers and sellers. This fosters trust, transparency, and accountability within the marketplace.

Monetization Opportunities

Maximize revenue potential with strategic monetization features. Explore premium listing options, featured services, or subscription models for service providers, enabling them to unlock enhanced visibility and access to a wider audience, thereby facilitating sustainable growth and profitability.

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