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Virtual School Management System


Virtual School Management System

Tanish Analytics introduces its state-of-the-art Virtual School Management System, a comprehensive solution for educational institutions. With a user-friendly interface, this system comprises a Super Admin panel, Student App, Parent App, Teacher App, and Teacher Panel. It efficiently manages virtual classes, fee modules, online exams, results, elective subjects, assignment tracking, timetables, attendance, and offers a dynamic Noticeboard. This comprehensive solution empowers schools for seamless virtual teaching and administrative excellence, allowing them to adapt and thrive in today’s digital learning landscape. Explore the future of education with Tanish Analytics, where innovation and efficiency converge to enrich the virtual learning experience and drive educational excellence.

Experience Virtual Learning like Never Before


Super Admin panel

Central Hub for Administrative Control and Insight.


Student App

Students' Gateway to Virtual Learning Excellence.


Parent App

Parents Stay Informed and Engaged Easily.


Teacher App

Empowering Educators with Seamless Classroom Management.


Teacher Panel

Teachers' Command Center for Virtual Instruction

Top Features:

Comprehensive Academic Management

  • Administer student admissions, details, and categories.
  • Manage student mediums, sections, and assign subjects to teachers.
  • Efficiently organize academic resources and subject allocations.
  • Ensure seamless communication between teachers, students, and parents.

Effortless Fee Management

  • Enable online fee payments via secure gateways.
  • Parents receive receipts via email, ensuring timely payments.
  • Track fee modules and streamline financial management.
  • Provide a hassle-free platform for transparent fee transactions.

Real-time Exam Insights

  • Students take online exams with performance tracking.
  • Parents monitor their child’s exam results and assignments seamlessly.
  • Analyze exam results to identify areas for improvement.
  • Foster a data-driven approach to student performance.

Streamlined Scheduling

  • Access exam timetables for effective planning.
  • View and plan for upcoming exams with ease.
  • Coordinate class schedules and extracurricular activities.
  • Ensure students and parents are well-prepared for academic events.

Empowering Elective Selection

  • Allow students to choose elective subjects according to their interests.
  • Encourage a personalized learning experience based on preferences.
  • Easily modify elective selections to adapt to evolving interests.
  • Enhance student engagement through curriculum customization.

Assignment & Timetable Management

  • Facilitate daily activities with assignment tracking.
  • Provide user-friendly timetables for students and parents.
  • Seamlessly integrate assignments into the academic schedule.
  • Ensure students and teachers stay organized and efficient.

Instant Result Access

  • Check exam results directly within the app.
  • Eliminate waiting for physical result copies.
  • Gain immediate insights into academic performance.
  • Promote transparency in assessment and grading.

Enhanced Communication

  • Keep stakeholders informed with a dynamic Noticeboard.
  • Access vital school updates, holiday calendars, and event information.
  • Foster a sense of community through real-time notifications.
  • Facilitate open communication channels between school and home.
These comprehensive points now include additional insights into the system's capabilities, emphasizing their importance in managing educational institutions effectively.
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