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E-Visitor Pass


E-Visitor Pass

The E-Visitor Pass is a comprehensive Visitor Pass Management System designed by Tanish analytics to streamline and enhance the visitor check-in and check-out process. With its user-friendly website, this system offers a secure and efficient solution for managing visitors across various industries such as corporates, hospitals, business parks, and entertainment parks. Choose the Tanish’s E-Visitor Pass to simplify visitor check-ins, enhance security, and ensure a seamless experience for both visitors and your organization.

Smart Solutions for Seamless Visitor Management



Central Control for Effective Management.



Efficient Front Desk Operations Simplified.



Empower Your Workforce with E-Visitor Pass.



Visitor Management Made Hassle-Free.

Top Features:

Visitor Recognition & Management

Effortlessly manage visitor influx with automated recognition. Capture visitor information, purpose, and entry-exit times seamlessly. Simplify reception procedures, enhancing security and visitor flow for a streamlined and welcoming experience.

Data Protection & Security

Prioritize data privacy with advanced security protocols. Safeguard visitor information in compliance with industry regulations. Utilize encryption and secure storage to ensure that sensitive data remains confidential and protected.

QR Code

Enable swift entry with QR codes. Generate unique QR codes for visitors, enhancing the check-in process. Scanning QR codes provides quick access, minimizing wait times and ensuring an efficient and contactless experience.

Print Customized Badges

Create professional badges effortlessly. Design badges with visitor details and QR codes for easy identification. Present a cohesive and secure visual identity while ensuring visitors feel welcome and valued.

Comprehensive, Centralized Reports

Access detailed insights at your fingertips. Generate comprehensive reports showcasing visitor patterns, peak times, and more. Centralized data empowers informed decisions, optimizing resource allocation and security measures.

Enhanced Visitor Experience

Elevate visitor satisfaction with streamlined processes. Simplify check-in procedures, reducing wait times and ensuring a positive first impression. Prioritize visitor comfort and security while fostering a modern, efficient, and memorable experience.

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