CASH Digital Wallet mobile app

Digital wallet app is the new generation’s payment mode that delivers an excellent user experience by introducing a smooth transaction method.
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Cash is a Digital wallet-supported system where you can make several types of transactions like Add Money, Send Money, Cash Out and Request Money from both the customer app and Agent app

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Cash comes with a bunch of integrated SMS Gateways. All of them are popular and you can verify your customers in a smarter way.

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Cash admin panel will provide you to create multiple accounts for customers and agents. So you can add an unlimited number of accounts and manage those from the admin panel easily.

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Encoding a large amount of data with a small code.

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CASH Digital Wallet mobile app has multiple Money Transfer systems for customers and agents. So customers and agents can get Cash admin only from the admin panel

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mobile app is developed through extensive UI\UX design, So the app is very user-friendly and your user will be satisfied after they install the app.


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